Art Picture Books

Georgia’s Bones by Jen Bryant is a beautiful book on Georgia O’Keeffe’s early life and her discovery of the natural world and her fascination with painting its shapes, colors, and forms.

Action Jackson by Jan Greenberg, tells the story of Jackson Pollock in beautiful watercolor illustrations.  I especially like the sections on his reflections and where the author speculates he draws inspiration from.  The book includes a nice bio and resources section at the back.
My Hands Sing the Blues by Jeanne Walker Harvey, tells the story of collage artist, Romare Bearden’s childhood in North Carolina and Harlem, New York.  The illustrations are appropriately done in collage.

Too Much Glue by Jason Lefebvre is a humorous way to discuss the amounts of glue needed for projects.  My little kids always giggle through this book!

Vincent’s Colors published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a book in the artist’s own words.  The text is taken from letters written to his brother, Theo, and accompanied by his own paintings.  
Wabi Sabi by Mark Reinstein, is a lovely book about a cat named Wabi Sabi who goes in search of the meaning of her name.  The illustrations are gorgeous collage artworks.  My second graders love this book as a starting point to their Japanese ceramic tea cups.

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, is a fantastic literature tie-in to art processes.  Be sure to mark your calendars for International Dot Day, usually in September!

A Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg is my favorite way to have conversations with my students about mistakes in the art room. 
How to Be a Super Hero by Rachel Yu is a humorous story told by Superior Guy.  I love reading this to my 3rd graders when they are working on creating their own super heroes.  It is a great idea generator and is sure to get the kids laughing.

Kente Colors by Debbi Chocolate weaves beautiful painted images of Kente cloth into a story about the daily and special occasion uses of Kente cloth. 

When Clay Sings, by Byrd Baylor is a beautiful story about the bits of clay found in the desert.  Who made them?  What for?  What do the designs mean?  The illustrations are in earth tones and all in the style of the pottery.