New TAB Posters

We are getting closer to more studio choices in all of my classes now.  It has been slow going, retraining my students at my new building on what student choice looks like and feels like.  It can be scary for students and teachers alike to embark on a journey where the answers aren’t determined ahead of time.

Due to some ongoing questions and my repeating myself frequently, I created a few new posters for my already quite full classroom walls.

rough vs wow

This poster has been in my classroom for quite some time, but I finally realized I needed to flesh out what some of this actually meant.


In an effort to reduce waste before students start a WOW, they now create a plan, such as this example I made for a papier-mache fish.

planning guide

Next year, I plan on having this guide printed inside their sketchbooks, as we have our sketchbooks soft bound and printed by our district print shop.  So far, it is working, students feel more confident before choosing a studio center and beginning work on an artwork.  I realized that much of the confusion was my fault, as I assumed they knew what planning an artwork looks like.  I had to spell it out.

finishing steps

Implementing Finishing Steps has been the single best procedure to date.  Students are now less likely to ask me, “What do I do next?” or “Am I done?”  Now, they conference with each other, before coming to me.  This has been a game-changer, as their peers are more likely to point out areas to refine, and those grows are always better taken from a peer than a teacher.

More to come, hopefully soon.  Obviously a new school and new grad program has been keeping me very busy and these posts are so far, few and far between.  I have much to share and much to tell, as this has been an exciting school year!


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