New School Year, New Building, Keeping Busy

I’m still here!  Just busier than ever.  The school year is in full swing, my devices are bursting at the seams with images of the excellent projects my students have been working on, I just can’t carve out the time lately to post them all.

13652256_1004953409622925_647128293_nThis school year marks a few big changes for me as a teacher, a new building, full-time for the first time in 3 years, and the starting of a graduate degree program, and I am presenting my work with See Saw at the Art Educators of Iowa Conference next week!


So, my time has been spent organizing my new space.  This is my clay cart – I keep all the necessary clay tools together on a cart.  It makes clay set up and clean up a breeze!  I even post this image on the overhead with arrows, to show the kids where to put things away.


The bigger drying rack this year has been put to good use already.


Watercolor trays have been working hard – on various projects.  One of my favorite watercolor projects this week has been the second grade contour line still life paintings.  Stay tuned for updates on current projects, coming soon!


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