Plastic Cup Animations

A teacher friend of mine, recently alerted me to this really neat project idea – using plastic stacked cups to create simple animations. I knew I had to try it out – so I used it as one of those end of the year fun projects.

I started by showing my students a sample, explaining how to stack so that the drawn details would line up correctly, being careful not to smear wet marker.  The idea originally came from this video.

The end results were fantastic!  The students were absolutely enthralled with the simplicity of making art with plastic cups and permanent markers.  They were collaborative too – “Hey check this out!” and “Hey, I will draw you a hat, if you draw the shoes on mine.”  Some students combined their cups to create stacks of 4 -5 cups.  They quickly realized that the stacking would alter where they needed to draw.  Mistakes also weren’t allowed – they had to turn it into something beautiful.

I got more rave reviews from this one-day lesson than some of my more meticulously crafted lessons from earlier in the year. Hey, you win some and lose some as an art teacher.  I personally really love teaching the every day art lessons – I feel they have the biggest impact on students.  Often, there are more ah-ha moments when students are using everyday items and have faster end results with a project.

Check out a few of the works from 6th graders below:




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