Art Club Ceramic Vessels

I recently held two art club sessions in my classroom – this is an extracurricular event that students must sign up for.  I decided that for my older student (grades 3-6) art club session we would try something out that I have been wanting to do with students for some time now – melting glass!  First, the students reviewed coil and ceramic basics, then they constructed their own coil vessels.


The following week, we glazed them with colors of their choice.  Then, on the bottom of the vessels we put a layer of marbles, glass beads, and chunks of glass.  I broke a jar inside of a bubble wrap envelope and placed the clear pieces where the students instructed to me, therefore avoiding cuts.

I simply fired them on the same cone 06 I use for all of my glazes.  The most fun part of this project is the surprise that is the end result.  The glass mixes in unexpected ways, creating swirls, cracks, and designs that cannot be controlled.

The results were simply stunning.  Since we used up most of my glass supply, I will be looking for interesting glass over the summer and will most likely put this project into my annual rotation.

A few more examples, without before images.  I didn’t catch them all with before shots.



One thought on “Art Club Ceramic Vessels

  1. These are stunning. Truly.

    I have experimented a little with glass and ceramics in this same manner – I had a friend who does stained glass kindly give me a supply of her leftovers – and the serendipity aspect is so exciting. I especially like the crazing the glass does.

    So I think these projects are really something!

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