1st Grade Winter Trees

Seeing as how it is nearly spring break, winter is pretty much (I hope) over, and conferences are done, these artworks are going home today.  I thought I’d put a few of them up here first.  As mentioned in an earlier post on Playful Learning, not all artworks made in my classroom are necessarily fridge artworks.  Most of the time artworks made in my classroom will all be very different, as students are given ample choices within media, subject matter, or a combination of the two.

Sometimes, with my younger grades especially, we have to bring the focus in, meaning there may be a little less choice.  This winter tree assignment would be an example of one such assignment.  The students discussed the different between deciduous and evergreen trees and what each tree looked like during winter.  The students learned about symmetry, balance, and overlapping – all BIG art ideas.  We worked on folding papers in half, cutting, and then opening them to create a symmetrical shape.  This is a skill that takes practice!

Don’t get me wrong, the 1st graders still had plenty of choices to make on this assignment.  After students made some tress, they had to choose where to place them on their paper.  They had to choose if their paper would be vertical or horizontal.  Then, they had to choose if they would add deciduous trees and where they would be placed.  They had to choose what shapes would overlap, how to make something look like it’s in the background, and whether or not their trees would be evenly spaced out. They also got to decide if they wanted to add any extra items of their choice. Then, after all of that – they had to choose how to paint their snow, how much to paint, and where it would go.  Phew – that’s more choices than I think I even realized!  My favorite part of this artwork was the finishing touch of using white glitter paint.

Check out the stunning results below.

Happy Spring Break!



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