Assessments – Exit Tickets


This year, I am making a greater use of Exit Tickets as an assessment tool.  These exit tickets give me insight into daily processes, current understanding of techniques and art vocabulary, and current mood of the class.  Students respond to a variety of questions or prompts such as:

  • Describe a way that you took a risk in class today.
  • Draw and label the type of composition you used in class today.
  • Explain or draw at least 2 styles of Aboriginal artwork.
  • Tell me about a problem or struggle you had in class today.
  • Explain a technique you used in class today.
  • Tell me something you really enjoyed about making art today.

exit tickets

I store the exit tickets in file folders near my white board.  There are different colored, laminated sets so I can easily tell my classes which color to use.  I have enough for my busiest day that all classes can use them without me having to grade them until the end of the day.

dry erase markers

Students use dry erase markers to answer questions, give feedback, or draw pictures as their exit ticket.  I simply used cut up tee shirts as erasers, and I have since learned that the colored dry erase markers do not erase as well as the black ones.  Also, I have had to let students know that water should not be used to erase the exit tickets.

turn in exit tickets

Right now I just use a box for completed exit tickets.  This is centrally located near the markers and blank tickets.

exit ticket (1)

This is the PDF for my Exit Ticket original.  I used Picktochart to create my blank Exit Ticket.



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