5th Grade Still Life & Composition

Students learned about Georgia O’Keeffe and studied her style and favorite subject matters of flowers, plants, bones, and rocks.  Next, students learned about composition and ways to vary their composition for interest.  We focused on rule of thirds, making 3 items different, closed, open, changing the shape of the composition, leading lines, and using texture and patterns.

still life1

Students then had time to practice sketching objects set up in various groups around the classroom.

still life2

Next, students had time to experiment with oil and chalk pastels.  They were encouraged to share their ideas with one another and talk about discoveries.  This was the time to start deciding what media to use on their final draft still life.

Students then had extended time to construct a final drawing using composition of their choice, pastels of their choice, and drawing objects that they could see of their choice.  See a sampling of the finished work below.











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