2nd Grade Gyotaku Fish

Students studied the Japanese art form of Gyotaku (pronounced Gee – oh – tak – oo), which is where prints are made from fish.  These prints were made as a way to show off the size of a fish before they were cleaned, prepared, and eaten for dinner.  Students made the connection that this is not much different than today’s fishing fanatics taking a selfie with their big catch.

From DickBlick.com

(From DickBlick.com)

Students used a variety of rubber fish molds to create their own Gyotaku fish print.  Using the dry fish prints, students had the choice of how to make a finished piece of art such as, drawing on the fish, adding 3D paper collage details, painting a background, painting on the fish, drawing the background, collage for the background, and making other fish from other media.

The choices available for students led to an interesting variety of finished artworks.  See below for a sampling of those finished works.  DSCN1065 (800x511)

DSCN1066 (800x509)

DSCN1068 (800x637)

DSCN1069 (800x527)

DSCN1070 (800x530)

DSCN1071 (800x550)

DSCN1072 (800x545)


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