Watercolor Trays

More choices means more materials available at once for students’ use.  This has made me re-think how my supplies are organized and distributed.  To make it easier for students to utilize as much class time as possible, I have made materials easier to access and use.  Watercolors use to be frustrating to distribute, but I have found the solution – plastic trays.  I found this set at a thrift shop, but you can order them online from art suppliers as well.  clean tray

The simple use of trays has revolutionized my art room this year.  Placing all items on a tray and having them set up for students makes distribution of supplies and the beginning of class routine a breeze.  One tray per table means only six students up moving around the room gathering supplies.  That leaves the rest to get paint shirts, pencils, and prep their painting surfaces.

watercolor clean-up watercolor part 2

Clean up is an equal breeze with steps and images posted at the sinks.  Students clean their supplies and return all items to the tray, ensuring watercolors are ready for the next class to use them.  This minimizes the amount of students at the sink during clean up, as students take turns taking care of their trays.  I used Piktochart to create my signs.  You can sign up for free, but I upgraded using the education pricing plan (this eliminates the watermark and allows for more uploading storage).

The PDF versions of these files are below:

watercolor clean-up 1

watercolor clean-up 2

Happy painting!


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