Choice Based Art

We are making the move to choice based art this year.  It’s something I have always wanted to implement with my elementary students, but haven’t been able to with travel and time constraints in the past couple years.  In a nutshell, choice based art teaches students to work and think like artists.  Students come up with a plan, choose their media, work on their plan, ask for feedback, work through problems they encounter, and self-reflect.  Here is a link to a great resource for TAB or Teaching Artistic Behavior.

6th grade abstraction theme.

We are starting off with theme-based artworks, where their choice is a little more limited.  This is where I choose a broad theme such as still life and students are encouraged to choose media, objects to draw, and composition.

The future collage center.
The future collage center.

The next move is to centers where students have more choice in creating their artwork.  More on centers later.

This past summer I was hard at work organizing, moving items around for easier access, and labeling everything.  I want students to have easier and freer access to the items and supplies they need.

drawer labels
Drawers labeled for ease of access.

For example, the drawer and cabinet above.  They are labeled with images and words and color coded.  Anything with an orange label means that students have access to that area and do not need to ask permission first.

Check back for more updates soon.  I am excited for the new changes happening in the art room this year!


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