6th Grade Abstract Opposite Drawings

DSCN0542 (776x584) DSCN0543 (800x611) DSCN0544 (800x612) DSCN0545 (800x593) DSCN0546 (800x609) DSCN0583 (789x572) DSCN0585 (800x607) DSCN0586 (800x590) DSCN0587 (800x598) DSCN0588 (800x591)

6th grade students learned about styles and characteristics of abstract art, comparing and contrasting artworks by different artists.  Students chose a pair of opposite words to illustrate in abstract subject matter.  Students focused on relying on the Elements of Art: line, shape, color, form, texture, value, and space instead of portraying a recognizable, realistic subject matter.  Students practiced oil pastel techniques – mixing colors together, blending with their finger, and creating layers of colors.  The results are stunningly complex and different compositions.


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