3rd Grade Monochromatic Paintings


3rd grade students worked in a monochromatic paint palette to learn about the mixing of tints (adding white) and shades (adding black).  Since the focus was more on color and the mixing of paint, students used simple shapes for the subject matter.  Students could use stencils, everyday objects, and even their hands to trace for the shapes of their paintings.  Some students really went wild and ended up with something completely different from their original pencil drawing, while others stuck with the shapes plan.  Once the painting was complete, students had the option to use permanent marker to outline and define areas of their paintings.  Students loved seeing the different degrees in which they could mix their tints and shades, but some struggled with the limit of only using one color.  I think you’ll agree, their outcomes are fantastically all different!

blue4 blue3 blue2 blue1 red4 red3 red2 red1 orange2 orange1 green3 green2 green1


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