1st Grade Vincent van Gogh Night and Day Drawings

I got behind on posting projects toward the end of the school year .  With all the end of the year craziness and the fact that my entire classroom had to be packed up for remodeling over the summer, updates just didn’t come frequently enough.  I will take some time over the summer to update on the fabulous work my students completed at the end of this past school year.

1st Grade students studied Vincent van Gogh, learning about his life and artistic style.  Students carefully studied two artworks by him for inspiration – The Starry Night and Wheat Field with Cypresses.


Wheat Field with Cypresses, Vincent van Gogh.


The Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh.


Students learned about van Gogh’s use of color, heavy brushstrokes, and subject matter in both paintings.  Next, students worked on their own night and day drawings inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s work.  After working on two rough drafts, students each received two sheets of paper – blue and black.  Students sketched in pencil first and then added details with oil pastels.

See below for finished student examples.


DSCN0194 DSCN0191 DSCN0196 DSCN0195 DSCN0189 DSCN0188


Students learned how to mix and blend oil pastels to create thicker layers and more interesting colors.  Each and every one from this assignment was unique and fantastic – it was too hard to just photograph a few for space sake.


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