6th Grade Bas Relief Tiles

6th grade students recently completed tiles in bas-relief.  Students viewed historical examples of bas-relief tiles and discussed how the artists used overlapping and texture to create interest.

Next, students worked on sketches for a tile design that was based on the natural world around them and used overlapping and various textures.  Students created their tiles using ceramic techniques  of slab, score & slip, additive & subtractive sculpting, and use of tools to create texture.

See a sampling of finished student work below:


DSCN0027 (800x599) DSCN0028 (800x591) DSCN0029 (800x589) DSCN0030 (800x600) DSCN0031 (800x600) DSCN0032 (800x600) DSCN0033 (800x600) DSCN0034 (600x800) DSCN0035 (800x589) DSCN0036 (800x599) DSCN0037 (800x599) DSCN0038 (800x600) DSCN0039 (800x598) DSCN0040 (800x593) DSCN0041 (599x800)


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