3rd Grade Slump Ceramic Bowls

3rd grade students created ceramic bowls using the slump mold method.  Students first learned basic vocabulary and technique of ceramic slump molds.

Next, students created sketches for a ceramic bowl that they would like to create.  Students were free to choose the subject matter of the bowl, as long as they use score & slip to add 3D clay items and carving techniques to add texture and details.

The objectives of this unit were:

  • I can use ideas based on feelings, interests, and my imagination to make art.
  • I can create a clay project using different methods: pinching, slab, coil, slip and score.

See samples of finished work below.

DSCN0311 (800x670) DSCN0312 (800x558) DSCN0313 (800x628) DSCN0315 (800x600) DSCN0317 (800x600) DSCN0318 (800x600) DSCN0323 (800x609) DSCN0324 (800x556) DSCN0326 (800x610) DSCN0327 (800x687) DSCN0328 (800x740) DSCN0329 (800x639) DSCN0330 (800x648) DSCN0331 (800x667) DSCN0333 (800x614)

To add details, students used glazes of their choice to finish the slump bowl.

Students showed finished work in a small group critique with their peers, focusing on the techniques used and the subject matter shown in each bowl.




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