1st Grade Fish Collages

First grade students created their own underwater scenery with the aid of their shoes.  Students first learned about textures and explored different types of textures around them in the classroom.  Next, we looked at fish images and discussed the wide variety of fish and their colors, textures, shapes, and designs.

Students then created rubbings of the bottom of their own shoes and classmates’ shoes.  These crayon shoe rubbings were then decorated and turned into fanciful fish with regular and glitter crayons.

Students painted a watery background with watercolor paint.  Once this background was dry, the fish were cut out and glued to the background.  Students added other items such as starfish, seahorse, mermaids, treasure chests, submarines, plants, and rocks.

See a sampling of the finished projects below.

DSCN0356 (800x544) DSCN0357 (800x547) DSCN0358 (800x571) DSCN0359 (800x556) DSCN0360 (800x545) DSCN0361 (800x531) DSCN0362 (800x550) DSCN0363 (800x560) DSCN0364 (800x556) DSCN0365 (800x556)


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