3rd Grade Super Hero Profiles

The 3rd grade students created their own super hero watercolor paintings.  Students had to come up with an original super hero character and stats about the character.  These stats included: name, size, birthplace/date, current home, strengths, weaknesses, and an interesting fact.  Students first created the idea of the super hero in their sketchbooks by creating the stats and a rough draft drawing.

Students then began a final draft watercolor painting of their super hero.  Students were shown specific watercolor techniques to use in their paintings: mixing colors their own colors, painting wet on wet technique, carving into wet paper technique, painting wet on dry, and adding layers of paint to already dried areas of paint.

Students requirements were twofold on this assignment: show the stats in your painting of your super hero and use the watercolor techniques demonstrated and practiced in class.

Once the paintings were complete, students were given the opportunity to use thin marker to add details and definition.  Next, students typed their stats and attached them to their paintings.

See below for a sampling of the paintings and the stats they created for their super heroes.


DSCN0366 (526x800)

Name:  Dr. Smasher.

Size: tall as a bus.

Birthplace/date: in a factory.

Current home: in a cave.

Strengths: laser eyes and boomerangs.

Weaknesses: water messes him up because he is half robot.

Interesting fact: he is half robot, half person.


DSCN0367 (526x800)


Name:  Lightning Woman.

Size: normal, 6.12.

Birthplace/date: New York, 1989 July 4.

Current home: New York.

Strengths: She can make a force field when there is lightning.

Weaknesses: Thunder Man her friend.

Interesting fact: Her brother is Iron Man.

DSCN0368 (535x800)

Name: Gymnastics Woman.

Size: Average size.

Birthplace/date: Gymnast City in Awesome World.

Current home: West Des Moines, Iowa.

Strengths: She can do awesome gymnastic things and she can freeze things with her hands.

Weaknesses: fire and hot things.

Interesting fact: She is sisters with Bat Woman.


DSCN0369 (800x542)

Name: Buster.

Size: The length of a car.

Birthplace/date: Buster was born at Cinya on May 1, 1514.

Current home: Cinya.

Strengths: He shoots lava balls from four cannons.  He can sense from miles away.

Weaknesses: Shooting his people with lava balls.

Interesting fact: His brother got shot by lightning and turned into a bad guy and now leads an army of zombies.  Buster is a robot.

DSCN0371 (800x534)

 Name: Water Girl.

Size: kid size.

Birthplace/date: Water Fall.

Current home: Hawaii.

Strengths: Water makes her strong.

Weaknesses: Fire!  Lava!

Interesting fact: She flies.  She shoots water out of her hands.


DSCN0374 (800x523)

Name: Crazy Man

Size: He is very, very, very tiny!!!  He is 6 in. tall.

Birthplace/date: He was born on October 16, 2004.  The planet he was born on was super in the galaxy.

Current home: Secret lairs under the Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China, The Eiffel Tower, and the Statue of Liberty.

Strengths: Eating candy makes him super.

Weaknesses: He has 5 big weaknesses.  He is afraid of water, pizza, and metal.  He is afraid of fruit and his brothers too.

Interesting fact: He has a sidekick named Candy.

DSCN0376 (525x800)

Name: Arsubink.

Size: 30 feet 300 inches.

Birthplace/date: Planet Leonex in 1519.

Current home: In a house underwater.

Strengths: Reads minds and breathes fire.

Weaknesses: Metal core of earth makes him banish.

Interesting fact: He has a brother that is a super hero too.


DSCN0378 (541x800)

Name: Super Cat

Size: Average

Birthplace/date: Moon, July 5, 2000.

Current home: Hawaii

Strengths:  Cats

Weaknesses: water

Interesting fact: Super Cat can do 2, 000 cartwheels in 1 second.




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