Individual Rolled Paper Collages

The 5th and 6th grade students recently completed group artworks for the school fundraiser auction.  These collaborative rolled paper collage artworks were featured in a previous post.

DSCN0343 (800x600)

Students created these rolled papers by using rectangles of magazine papers rolled around a wooden stylus used for scratch art.  The paper was rolled around the stylus and then a small amount of glue was used to keep the piece from unrolling.  The paper roll was either allowed to dry or attached immediately to the canvas or mat board.

The inspiration for this project came from a YouTube video of the artist Gailene St. Amand’s work.  You can see her process as well as some of her finished works in this video.

Students used their remaining rolled papers to create their own smaller, 5 x 5″ collages on mat board that was painted by the student.  See the images below for a sampling of the students’ finished works.  The variety of designs created by the paper, the painted backgrounds, and the use of space is simply fantastic.  Some students chose to make their collages more three-dimensional and sculptural, while others chose to create collages that were more two-dimensional in nature.

DSCN0335 (800x782) DSCN0336 (800x776) DSCN0337 (800x686) DSCN0338 (800x739) DSCN0339 (800x711) DSCN0340 (800x731) DSCN0341 (800x790) DSCN0342 (799x800)


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