Keith Haring Inspired Collage Paintings

6th grade students recently finished a project based on the artwork and style of Keith Haring.  Check out Haring Kids for more information on Haring plus games and art activities.

Students learned about the life, artistic style, and legacy of Keith Haring and his work.  Students viewed images of his works and discussed them critically as a class, focusing on the themes of his works and his dominant use of the Element of Art, line.

DSCN0247 (800x599)

Next, the class was divided in half.  The first group danced to 80s music while the first group drew.  When the music stopped, each student dancing had to freeze and hold a pose for the rest of the class to draw.  Not everyone gets into dancing, so students who did not feel the beat that day, were asked to choose an interesting pose when the music froze.  Then, the class switched dancing and drawing roles.  This image is blurred for those who wish not to be photographed dancing.  🙂

DSCN0252 (800x600)

These drawings were then colored with marker, cut out, and glued onto a background painted with tempera paint.  Students were encouraged to create a background that would complement the figures, while using line, color, and visual texture as Elements of Art in their compositions.  Once the figures were attached to a background, students used markers to add lettering, movement lines, sound lines, visual texture, and any other extra details.

Check out the sampling of finished 6th grade work below.

DSCN0290 (800x552) DSCN0291 (800x545) DSCN0293 (800x560) DSCN0294 (800x576) DSCN0295 (800x549) DSCN0296 (800x549) DSCN0297 (800x551) DSCN0298 (800x537) DSCN0299 (800x560) DSCN0301 (800x581) DSCN0302 (548x800) DSCN0303 (553x800) DSCN0304 (800x555) DSCN0305 (800x544) DSCN0306 (800x553)


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