Aerial Perspective Cities

The second graders recently completed an artwork featuring aerial perspective of buildings.  First, students learned about the history of skyscrapers and the roots of modern buildings.  Students looked at various examples of skyscrapers from around the world and throughout time, and then moving on to creating some practice drawings of skyscrapers from various angles.  We discussed point of view, perspective, overlapping, use of space, and other details that  may be found in cities.

Next, students received an array of squares and rectangles of colorful paper and glued them onto a larger sheet of paper.  Students used rulers to create the sides and bottom of their buildings, we spent time practicing how to line up rulers to create even, straight lines.

Next, students added details and color to their buildings.  Some students created cities, others towns and villages, and some modeled their work after their neighborhood.  Check out the images below for a sampling of the second grade work.

DSCN0285 (551x800) DSCN0283 (536x800) DSCN0282 (540x800) DSCN0281 (547x800) DSCN0280 (552x800) DSCN0279 (559x800) DSCN0278 (554x800) DSCN0277 (560x800)


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