Crayon Rubbings People Collages

My Friday kindergarten students recently completed a drawing project that combined rubbings and original drawings.  The students used crayons and plastic rubbing plates, as well as items from around the art room, to create several sheets of rubbings in various colors. Students enjoyed hunting for different textures around the art room more than anything else, I do believe!  When they found an interesting texture, they would excitedly show it to their peers.  I realized that this would be a fun project to explore outdoors and other areas of the school, for future reference.

Students then cut up the rubbings into various shapes, and then turned them into people.  After pasting the cut shapes onto a larger sheet of paper, students added their own original drawings in order to complete their people.  Students worked on a variety of skills in this project – fine motor skills, use of art tools, understanding process involved in creating an artwork, and use of the Element of Art, texture, in their original artwork.

See below for a sampling of the finished works.

photo1 (540x800)

photo2 (597x800)

photo3 (800x563)

photo4 (800x560)

photo5 (584x702)

photo6 (531x800)

photo7 (800x517)

photo8 (800x603)

photo9 (800x537)


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