Completed Papier-mâché Sugar Skulls

The 5th and 6th graders recently finished their papier-mâché sugar skull project.  Students created skull or head designs from papier-mâché and then added extra 3D embellishments, such as eyes, noses, teeth, eyebrows, moustaches, and beards.

Students painted the projects using acrylic paint, and then added extra flair with metallic and glitter paint.  The final touch was to use a permanent marker to create fine details and outline certain sections.

Check out a few of the 6th grade projects below.  5th grade examples coming soon.  These are on display at the school in the glass cases in the art room and by the main office.

DSCN0111 (800x548) DSCN0112 (800x505) DSCN0113 (800x517) DSCN0115 (800x439) DSCN0116 (800x563) DSCN0117 (800x588) DSCN0118 (800x468) DSCN0119 (800x579) DSCN0120 (499x800) DSCN0121 (562x800)


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