Space Cities – Finished Projects

The 3rd and 4th graders finished their cities, towns, villages, and communities to show the common ways to show space in an artwork.  See the beginnings of this lesson in Space Towns.

Students created their towns, cities, villages, and communities using the ideas of space: linear perspective, size, placement, overlapping, color & value, and detail.  Students were asked to choose 4 of these ideas of space to use in his/her artwork, and upon completion of the artwork, students wrote a short paragraph explaining how space was shown in his/her artwork.  This artwork was used as the framework for sharing about the artwork with a peer in class.

Check out a few of the finished collages below:

DSCN0093 (800x519) DSCN0100 (800x535) DSCN0101 (800x526) DSCN0103 (800x541) DSCN0104 (800x532) DSCN0107 (800x540) DSCN0108 (800x512) DSCN0109 (800x535) DSCN0110 (800x551)


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