Shape Creatures

My Friday kindergarteners just finished a 2D collage with the theme of Shape Creatures.  The students used simple geometric shape stencils to create colorful shapes out of construction paper.  These shapes were then cut out and glued onto a large white piece of paper.   Students then added details with markers. 

This project allowed students the freedom to choose his/her subject matter, background, and details.  However, it reinforced the names and types of geometric shapes; while honing motor skills such as pencil and scissor use.  Check out a sampling of their wild creations below!

          DSCN0059 (550x800)

DSCN0072 (800x523)

DSCN0070 (800x531)

DSCN0069 (543x800)

DSCN0068 (527x800)

DSCN0067 (800x667)

DSCN0071 (800x541)

DSCN0066 (800x529)

DSCN0065 (800x650)

DSCN0064 (800x542)

DSCN0063 (800x535)

DSCN0062 (800x539)

DSCN0061 (800x511)


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