Chalk Pastel Mandalas

The chalk pastel mandala project turned out fantastic!  The glue outline created a sort of barrier between the different chalk pastel colors.  The black paper added a more vibrant look and the beauty of this assignment is how different the outcome is for each and every student.

Below are a few highlights from my second graders.  These will grace the hallways at our school soon.  Stop by and check them out in person, parents!

DSCN0025 (800x549)

DSCN0026 (800x536) DSCN0027 (800x562) DSCN0028 (800x536) DSCN0029 (800x529) DSCN0030 (800x548) DSCN0031 (800x537) DSCN0032 (800x524) DSCN0033 (800x549) DSCN0034 (800x538) DSCN0035 (800x534) DSCN0036 (800x538) DSCN0037 (800x544)


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