Space Towns

The 3rd and 4th graders are currently working on space towns – these cities, towns, villages, resorts, or environments of some sort are meant to show the students’ understanding of the use of space in an artwork.

sketch1 sketch2

Students learned about the 6 ways to show space in an artwork and drew examples in his/her sketchbook.  Students then worked on a rough draft drawing showing the uses of space in a way they found interesting – hence the city, town, village, etc.


Some students chose to create ocean scenes.


Some chose to portray roads with buildings from linear perspective.

DSCN0013 DSCN0010 DSCN0009 DSCN0008 DSCN0007

Collage is the main media students are using for this unit – everything from magazines, newspapers, to wallpaper books.

Check back next week to see their progress and see how details and finishing touches are added.


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