Directions Drawing Assignment

ImageStudents created drawings in their sketchbooks based on a set of simple directions such as:

“Draw 4 lines across your paper.  Draw 3 circles anywhere on the page.  Draw a triangle inside one square.  Color in 2 of your shapes.  Draw 2 patterns of your choice…”

Students were encouraged to keep their eyes on their own papers and not worry about whether or not their artwork matched the person sitting nearest them. The most important piece of information given was, no mistakes today!


Students then went on a look-see by walking around the room and observing the work made by their peers. Students asked questions and made positive comments towards one another’s work.

After the look-see, students discussed the differences in one another’s work and the reasons behind those differences. Students realized that each person is unique and different and therefore, each person’s artwork will vary. A strong feeling of satisfaction was shown by students after this exercise – in that it helped each student to see the potential of their art making skills and the creative differences each brings to the art room. Students signed their work at the end of the process.


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